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Originally Posted by MikeWaters View Post
That article was more thorough.

A couple of interesting points:

1. The BOM being published by Penguin and U of I led to its inclusion in syllabi.

2. I asked Terryl Givens, about four years ago, about the impact of Grant Hardy's Oxford book. He said up to then he hasn't heard any non-Mormons talking about it. Things have changed. I guess

Given that the Book of Mormon is also a text that purports to be a history of ancient Israelities who crossed the Atlantic to become American Indians, Hickman prods his students towards creative interpretations of the Book of Mormon’s treatment of indigenous peoples, asking them why, during the era of Indian removal, an American Scripture would also be “a history of Indians.”
Not only that, the Book says Indians would kick whites off the land if they don't repent.
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