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Default Sunday sports and athletic scholarships at BYU

For all sports that are dominated by club teams, unless you are living in Utah, you have to play on Sunday. Period. Or you are not on the club team. And if you are not on a club team, then you aren't playing against the best players and the coaches aren't paying attention to you.

The only sport that I can think of that is an exception is football. Because it is not dominated by club teams.

Basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, soccer, etc.

Was talking to an LDS parent. Their daughter has excelled in one of the above sports (I won't say which one, for the purposes of keeping this anonymous). They have sent their daughter to the BYU summer camp each of the past two years where she was the best player in the camp. But she doesn't play on Sundays, and this impacts her standings in the recruiting rankings, because she doesn't get to excel at the highest level. The BYU coaches won't even deign to tell her that they are not interested. That's how interested they are. No response. Not even a "no thank you."

The father reflects on another girl in the same stake, different sport. Played on Sundays all the time. She has a scholarship to play at BYU.

This father consulted one of the former coaches at BYU about the issue of Sunday play. The coach said it's not something that they judge one way or another. They merely want the best player who is willing to come to BYU and follow the BYU honor code. Period.

I made the comment, when the church gives inspirational stories about observing the Sabbath, they never talk about stories where following the Sabbath lead to sports failure. As in "she had the talent to be a successful professional, but she and her family chose not to play sports on Sunday, and as such her career never made it past the high school level. Not only was she not a pro, but she never even got to play in college. Your blessing of following the Sabbath may just be that you have the satisfaction of living this tenet of the gospel in a way that brings you peace and happiness and nothing more. No money, no glory, no out-sized influence."

When it comes down to it, we have to decide to what degree we are willing to be in the world. Do we want to have our Dale Murphys? Our Bryce Harpers? Our Danny Ainges? All guys that played pros and as such play on Sundays. If we aren't going to call out the pros, how are we going to call out the kids who may have the talent to go pro, but will never do so if they don't play on Sunday?

Don't look at me. I hate youth sports. I hate what it's become. Stupid pursuit of nothing at a cost of time and money that is ridiculous. I don't support club sports.
“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” —George Orwell
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