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Default missions and basketball before and after

Can any of you think of a player in BYU history who was great or showed lots of promise before the mission and then seemed to digress after? I can think of Mark Bigelow, although he was still a good player afterwards, albeit without the same type of excitement or flash as before. Steve Craig probably goes into the same category, but then again he did play with Ainge after the mission, so he didn't have the same role he did before. I can actually think of a few who were actually better after the mish like Gary Trost. He was barely a benchwarmer before (even moreso than someone like Luke Worthington) who you wouldn't have been surprised to have seen quit basketball upon returning home, but who instead became pretty good. Jim Usevitch would be another like that: nothing before the mission, pretty decent player afterwards. These are are pretty old examples.

Any other striking examples either way?
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