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Default Roy Moore embarrassment for Trump

Is this the beginning of the end of Trump's stranglehold on the GOP Congress? I don't know. I hope so. All signs now point to the Republicans getting destroyed in 2018. They only have a one seat majority in the Senate now. Although they'll probably not think about it until they get this tax hike on the middle class passed first.

You have a deep red state last night refusing to vote for the extreme wacko candidate that Steve Bannon chose to support from a large list of GOP contenders from the beginning and who Trump campaigned hard for over the last month.

In Virginia the state House went from two-thirds majority GOP to 50/50 R and D with the formerly traditional/establishment republican candidate veering off into Bannon wackoland and then getting beat. It was funny how Bannon explained it as the Republican candidate having embraced Bannon's message too late. Yeah, whatever.

And although the GOP doesn't want to talk about this, in EVERY state since Trump won that has had a congressional special election, the Republican candidate has underperformed. Yes, they have still won because they were all red states to begin with (Kansas, Montana, etc.). But in each case the race was way closer than it should have been. In a swing state like Virginia the GOP got clobbered.

The only chance, IMO, for the Republicans not to get trounced in 2018 is to distance from Trump and stop enabling the maniac in the White House.
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